As husband and father of three children – Kaelyn (11), Joshua (9), and Micah (4) – my wife (Michelle) and I continue to journey and wrestle with what God has in store for us.

After spending almost a decade in youth ministry, I made the move to become a teacher with Elk Island Public Schools.  Along the way, I opened a media consultation business, which allowed me to write professionally about faith and spirituality.  Since then, I’ve been allowed to thrive in an incredible church/school community where I have experienced a lifetime of ministry and blessing.

To create meaningful, sustainable change in an education system is difficult.  To create that same change in a religious setting is even more hazardous.  As an educator, I am deeply passionate about innovation as a tool to allow greater access and deeper understanding.  Further to this, I have enjoyed creating new approaches to teaching, as seen in Biblical Minecraft, the Strathcona Bible League, and 9words.ca.  For me, the creation of innovative, responsive curriculum allows for a greater capacity within each learning and worship style.

There are a few things I have learned along the way that have deeply impacted my faith.  One, I have been witness to seeing my community come alive to the teachings of the Bible. What a brilliant journey. In the most difficult of circumstances (Christian school), we are guilty of making the gospel into nothing more than a checklist of behaviour modification. By the absolute grace of God, our Bible program has become a faith community which wrestles through the Scripture. Secondly, I am passionate about living missionally. We as a church spend a lot of money going to far-off places (which can be good), but step over bodies along the way to get there. We must be present in the community that God has given us, and when He gives us detours, then we must have the ability to see His footsteps in front of us. I love nothing more than to see my community meet with another community and find that God exists there. In fact, we might even be surprised to glimpse the purest form of worship that exists, found in Isaiah 58. Lastly, I am passionate about the church. I lead the Encounter program at our school. Think of it like chapel, without the boredom or frivolous entertainment. Actually, our program is based on two core values, those being thoughtful spirituality and meaningful community. For our community, this reflects what we believe the church should be known for.

It’s the same thing that Jesus was known for. Love. Love, which is patient, love which endures. Love that inspires others, not through ritualistic obedience, but One that woos gently, whispers incessantly, and loves brilliantly. My faith has continued to grow through the pursuit of a mysterious God. As an experienced veteran in both church and school circles, I believe firmly in a God who sees us as we are and is closer than the air we breathe. I believe in a God who invites us to full life, and who woos us to that kind of living. This is my faith journey. Thank you for taking the time to walk with me.



I am currently a teacher with Elk Island Public Schools, & have taught in areas of Social Studies, Religion, English, Ethics, Community Volunteerism & Leadership.


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65% of learners are visual.  When we walk through Scripture, I create these in front of my students to walk them through a greater understanding and appreciation of the text.  Hope you enjoy too.  If you’d like to purchase a printable copy of any of these, visit The Bible Store here


Some of my work has appeared in a variety of publications, ranging from Truth MediaPower to Change, The Sports NetworkPromise Keepers, and Relevant Magazine to name a few.  But mostly, I really like writing online for a wider audience at 9words.ca.